1 ON 1


The Process

You will book a consultation call to see if we are a good fit for your goals and aspirations! You can not schedule a session time without a consultation call. Click "Book Now" to find a time you are available to talk for 15-25 min max. Once you schedule the call you will receive a confirmation text. 

NOW Let's Begin With The Fun


Are you tired of hitting the gym giving your BEST effort to only receive little to no results? I understand how frustrating that is and 1 on 1 training sessions may be just for you!


- No BS Workouts

- Giving Max Effort EVERY Session

- Finding Healthy Alternatives

- Creating The Domino Effect With Your Habits

- Elevating Your Current Self Daily By 1% MINIMUM


With these steps not only will you achieve physical results, you will also have a better mindset and outlook on life as well! You will SHOCK yourself many times and love it in the process!

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LéWork Fitness TODAY and I promise you will leave better than you came!